I’m going to talk about React in this post

Some information about functional components..

Some coding example:



Thanks for reading!!

Hi, it’s Apr 27 2021, I am doing an interview with CapGemini’s software engineers. It is awesome

Here is a coding question they made me complete…



Coding is very awesome, I hope to continue to develop as a software engineer!

Alright, in this blog post I think I want to talk about my current styling solution for React projects.

In a recent blog post, I shared how I organize my CSS for React, and that received a decent amount of likes so I want to make another post about styling.

Since then, I’ve changed up a lot of how I style my components so I think this could be very helpful to some of you.

So then, I’ll just jump right into it.

Material UI: A good starting point

In my current project that I’m working on for an internship, I’m using Material UI as my…

So.. I want to get back into writing, by writing I mean blogging, and by blogging I mean sharing things related to code.

Things I’ve learned, Things I’ve built, etc…

Why, you might ask? Well firstly, I think it’s important in any sort of pursuit to be able to share your ideas and present what you’ve worked on. I think blogging is good practice for that.

I think it’s important to study, practice whatever you’re pursuing, but it’s just as important to be a part of a community. I don’t think any good, meaningful thing is going to come out…

Okay, for this blog post I want to talk about NPM. How does it work? How does it relate to package.json, package-lock.json, and the node_modules directory?

I will also be going over “what is a package and what is a module?” Also, we will create our own very simple npm package and publish it.


I’ve been working with Javascript libraries like React, and Vue for almost 2 years now — also working with NodeJS for APIs. I understand a little bit about installing packages and importing them into my projects. Being able to import a library of code and plug…

I graduated from a coding Bootcamp (Flatiron School) ~4 months ago and have been applying to jobs.

Last week, I got an offer for an unpaid internship at a very early stage startup. Despite many of the posts I read on Reddit advising against taking an unpaid internship, I decided to take the position. I wanted to share why I decided it might be a good idea for me based on my professional experience and the current times. Also, the internship lasts for a little over four months.

Reasons why you shouldn’t take an unpaid internship

  1. Unpaid internships don’t lead to jobs according to “data”.

Looking at this…

OAuth 2!


I spent a decent amount of time trying to get OAuth working for a writing application that integrates Google Drive API. I ran into a bunch of problems with CORS and decided to do some research about what exactly CORS is. I also learned a lot about how to properly make a request to an OAuth server from a browser. If you’ve been struggling with CORS and OAuth 2.0, you might find some of this stuff helpful.

Same Origin Policy

Really quick, before we go into why we need CORS, we need to know about the Same Origin Policy.

ALL requests made by…


Alright, this week I just want to share Immer’s produce function and how we can use it to make our Redux reducer’s look cleaner.

If you’ve worked with Redux, I’m sure you’ve seen this sort of syntax in your reducer…

When we want to modify a nested property, we have to use the spread operator to construct the same state, and then once we get to the nested property, in this case, players, we can make whatever change we need.

Wouldn’t it be much nicer if we can just modify the state directly like so?

Yes, it would…


Just some tips and pointers for working with variable references inside Ruby functions, blocks.


I’ve been studying for technical interviews: doing a bunch of problems on Leetcode, and anytime I needed to use recursion for DFS or any other problems, I got really confused and ran into a lot of errors.

More specifically, when I needed to pass in variables into recursive functions and update some sort of counter variable.

There’s one problem I’m sure you guys have seen if you’ve been practicing Leetcode: the number of islands problem. Say on top of keeping track of the number of islands, I wanted to keep track of exactly how much land mass there was. …


Is your CSS for your React project jumbled into one index.css file with no structure? Do you have a bunch of old CSS modifiers and aren’t sure if they’re being used?

In other words, is your CSS a mess and you need a way of organizing CSS for React? Look no further! Here is my system for organizing React CSS.

I’m not really an expert, but after watching some Youtube videos of other experienced React developers and reading up on BEM, these are a few tips I’ve picked up.

Always use classNames

Firstly, use classNames to modify ALL your components instead of ids…

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