Why I want to get back into Blogging.

So.. I want to get back into writing, by writing I mean blogging, and by blogging I mean sharing things related to code.

Things I’ve learned, Things I’ve built, etc…

Why, you might ask? Well firstly, I think it’s important in any sort of pursuit to be able to share your ideas and present what you’ve worked on. I think blogging is good practice for that.

I think it’s important to study, practice whatever you’re pursuing, but it’s just as important to be a part of a community. I don’t think any good, meaningful thing is going to come out of me being alone in my room coding all day. On the other hand, I think there could be a lot of good that could come out of a blog where I share my latest app project or my Arduino IoT robot that I built for example.

As important as it is to be skilled, I need to share and participate with the community. Sort of like Ben Awad, and RCLifeOn. They generate excitement about the things they built by being able to share them with people, both for themselves and for all their viewers.

Secondly, I think I have too much time on my hands. I feel like I’m constantly striving to learn that my brain hurts. Every ounce of free time I have, I feel like I need to be learning or improving, and I don’t think being so desperate and cramming my head all the time is good for me. Hopefully, blogging will eat up some of that time.

And this next reason is a pretty similar reason to the previous reason, but I think it’s important that I compare downwards. I think I’m going to be pretty miserable if I’m constantly comparing myself to people that know more, are further along in my career path. For instance, I find myself a lot of the time on Reddit, and Youtube consuming content about people who share their projects and I just feel behind all the time. Yesterday, I was watching this RCLifeOn that built some sort of coffee table using the axes from a 3d printer that draws patterns in a plane of sand within the table. You can check that out here… It’s freken insane, and it makes me feel so behind on my journey into electronics.

I think by blogging, I can associate myself with people that are behind me because people that watch my channel are likely going to be people that aren’t as knowledgeable as me. I get to look at and compare downwards (I mean in terms of career, not personal worth if that wasn’t clear…). I read in some communications class that it’s good to balance your life with a mix of downwards and upwards comparisons.

Thirdly, my writing/communication/speech skills have gotten considerably worse, and I just need to spend more time practicing these things.

I think those were pretty much all my reasons?…

Flatiron School Graduate, React.js, NodeJS, Ruby on Rails Developer, Learning Enthusiast

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